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Medical and Information Systems.

Internet Software Sciences primary product is the Help Desk and customer support system (Web+Center).  In addition, we also develop web-based applications to help automate information processes in the medical industry.  Here are examples of several types of systems we currently provide although almost any type of information system for another requirement would be possible.

  • PVS  (Physician Verification System) – There are an increasing set of requirements for hospitals to provide doctor credentialing and work status information to insurance companies and other hospitals.   The Internet Software Sciences PVS system is a easy, very affordable way to handle your verification requests from insurance companies.  Internet Software Sciences has offered  PVS services for several Texas hospitals for over 6 years.  Check out our PVS Verification product offering.

    PVS verification letter

  • CMETS – Continuing Medical Education Transcript Service – This simple interface allows doctors to list and print out their continuing medical education courses for compliance with hospitals requirements for continuing medical education.   For this application, an internal program was used to store continuing education classes for doctors, but the doctors had no easy way to create frequent reports of their classes and credits for submissions to other organizations.     Our hosted CMETS system  allows an quick upload by administrators from the “cactus” system into our external application for doctors to view, summarize, total hours and print their CME credits.  Review the CMETS product offer for complete details.


  • purchaseRequestSystemPurchasing Request System – Our help desk software can be customized to create a purchasing request system.   This system is now available for immediate purchase for your own internal uses at no additional cost from our standard tech licensing pricing for 3 or more technicians.  This is an example of the types of the projects that can be leveraged from the Web+Center ticketing software that has a wealth of services, API, customer, assets and ticket databases, communication methods (SMTP, POP, TLS, SSL, SMS) already coded and tested.  It also includes HTML 5 mobile interfaces to launch your mobile presence too.

You can test on-line a demo of the purchase request system at:




  • SampleShareNetworkScreenShoNeighborhood Share Network –  This application was written from Web+Center version 8.0 with some modifications.    The collaborative application allows neighbors to build a graphical catalog of items they wish to share with their neighbors and friends.  The “app” is written with the customer mobile application while a backend management component was written with the Tech+Center.  This application is up and running in a production environment so feel free to test and use this component.

This application was written specially for smart phones and mobile devices.  Since the neighborhood share network is very image based showing what items you are willing to share and what items you can borrow, this app uses the built in camera features of most mobile devices.  You can walk around your house and yard and take and upload photos with your smart phones to create your shared items catalog.

To learn more about the Neighborhood Share Network and how to use the app, visit the word press website.


The application itself is hosted on another server.


  • My Medical Journal –  This app was written with some simple modifications to Web+Center version 8.0 to create a tracking and journaling program for those wishing to journal their own medical related appointments and expenses.  If you have been in an automobile accident or other accidents where you need to record for insurance purposes your time and expenses associated with that accidents, this app allows you to enter journal entries and time spent quickly and easily from your convenience of your own phone.  This app uses the Customer+Mobile app with added enhancements that allows the customer to enter time spent and expenses for later reporting purposes.  This application has not been finalized or put into full production use yet.
  • mymedicalJournalscreenshot

    My Medical Journal Mobile app to record your doctor visits, time and expenses easily on the road for later documenting expenses.