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Tech+Mobile Interface

The Tech+Mobile  is a smartphone and tablet based interface for technicians to create, track and manage support tickets. The Tech+Mobile application software provides a subset of the functionality from full screen Tech+Center application but has all of the functions that technicians would require to track and manage support tickets, assets and review customer and case records.   Tech+Mobile  uses the smart phone and tablet user interface elements and design standards.

Starting with version 9.0, new GPS based geo-location features and tighter integrated with SMS messaging and phone calls  and even camera photo/image ticketing uploading all enabled with the Tech+Mobile interface!

This enables techs to access their help desk tracking database right from their smart phone devices.

As with all of the Web+Center applications, we provide you with 100% of the source code for the tech+mobile application.  This enables one to build custom mobile additions to the application if required to solve your business requirements with mobile devices.




This is the 6th application  of the Web+Center suite of integrated applications.

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You can simulate the iphone and smart phone mobile environments with your full screen browser by accessing the Tech+Mobile application with the Transmog device emulator.  To test our product on this emulator, please visit the Transmog website and enter the URL to test of






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