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Web+Center in the Cloud.


Simple Cloud-based Help Desk Ticket Application – $25/Month/Tech

No obligation, FREE 1 month trial evaluations available.

Web+Center can be hosted on-site or in the cloud.  We offer affordable, scalable, month to month cloud hosting options of the Web+Center Help Desk.

At $25/month/tech, it’s the best way to get a very affordable  help desk up and running at a highly reliable and incredible fast data center.  Why wait?

What’s makes Web+Center Cloud Hosted Different?

Many cloud hosted help desk system offerings are a shared hosting environment where all customers have the basic same code and customizations beyond options available through the web interface are simply not an option.   Or even worse, is the unplanned upgrades of your help desk by the on-line help desk provider changing the look and feel of you ticketing system.

With Web+Center Cloud hosted solutions, your cloud hosted version is YOUR OWN instance of the application, completely.  You have complete FTP access to the source code for your instance and can make customizations if you wish that are just for your own site.  This allows you to build a very custom system that better matches your specific business requirements.  Compare other Help Desk systems and solutions in the cloud and check for this important feature of controlling your own instance of your help desk application.  Web+Center allows you to create the best possible help desk and customer support experience by providing a stable, consistent help desk and ticketing solution for your support operations.

FREE 1 month Evaluation on our Cloud Hosted Web+Center Help Desk!

We are now offering one month, free trial evaluation of our hosted version.  To qualify for the free trial cloud version, you should have evaluated our software online or on site sufficiently to start your cloud hosted system.  To start your 1 month trial, please contact ISS directly by email ( or by phone  at Toll free (888) 949-0942 or (650) 949-0942, Los Altos, California, USA.  We will need information about your organization to help us configure your hosted site such as company name and the number of evaluation licenses you will need and some basic company graphic logo information that we can configure for you.  As part of your personalize setup, we analyze your Help Desk business requirements and provide you with FTP information to allow you to make your own customizations to your own instance of Web+Center.  Take advantage of this limited time offer now!


  • Pricing above does not include additional VAT or other country fees that may apply when buying the software in countries outside of the US if required.
  • Annual Support and upgrade options included in monthly pricing
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