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Web+Center For Business.

Web+Center for Business – IT Services and Computer Repair shops Ticket and Billing.

Web+Center for Business

One of the fastest growing users groups of Web+Center are IT managed services and computer repair businesses.  There is a fundamental difference between help desk products that fit the model of a large, centralized help desk for a company, organization, or school and then other applications designed specially for businesses who charge for their IT support services.

The hybrid model of Help Desk and Business Solutions with Web+Center
Many of the help desk ticketing solutions available today do not fit the model of companies who have a business of charging for their support services with hourly time spent or contracts and expenses.  Web+Center is design to do both successfully.  We offer functionality for Centralized IT help desk organizations and IT Managed service businesses that provide paid support for clients. Techs can put in expenses and hourly billable time and use integrated business functions to create invoices and perform simple business accounting processes with Web+Center.

The vertical market computer service and repair industry applications lack some of the more sophisticated customer portal features found on centralized help desk products like mobile apps for customers to create and update support tickets on their smart phones and tablets, or customer self service portals providing FAQ  and knowledge base searches, asset management and user account management.

Many of the new Web+Center user requirements go well beyond the walk in computer repair services since these companies offer a range of IT services for business and residential users that requires more engaging customer portals and ongoing support for businesses. Support for clients with annual support contracts with complex IT issues and projects requires a robust ticketing and reporting system but also some integrated business functions to carefully track your “customers” for contact relationship management (CRM-Sales) business relationships and their services they have purchased from your business.

Web+Center for Business – All under one roof

Web+Center handles both the contact management, sales and business side and also the help desk ticketing / dispatching for technicians.  You can easily connect your sales contact management and business billing employees with your in the field or on the phone technicians by utilizing both the Tech+Center and the Business+Center applications.

IT Service companies testers needed for features in future Version 9.0
As we develop the Web+Center for Business features, we are seeking the input of some existing Web+Center users who use Web+Center for both help desk ticketing and also use the extended time spent and expense features of Web+Center.  If interested, please contact ISS at

Web+Center for Business available now in Version 8.0
Web+Center already supports many features to aid in techs billing their billable time to customers invoices and creating on-line customer account manager options for their clients.  We invite all Web+Center users to click on the Business+Center application button in the Tech+Center to explore the world of business functionality including with all downloads of Web+Center.

Here are some examples screen shots  of Billable time spent from support cases into invoices with Time/Expense Invoice functions in Business+Center (Some features are coming in Version 9.0)

First step of creating invoices by customer, company for a specific date range from Cases


The Create Invoice from Time Spent records automatically create new invoices

In Version 9.0, expenses extracted directly from the case tickets will be automatically summed into the invoices.