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Virtual Private Server Hosting of your Web+Center application.

VPS server hosting of your licensed system

For many licensed Web+Center users wishing to unload the management of the Web+Center help desk software server to a server outside of their network to solve firewall and network, we are offering an option where we provide 3rd party VPS hosted versions of your licensed Web+Center application on a GoDaddy VPS.

This is a better tech/month pricing over our cloud hosted systems and allow you full desktop control over your own VPS but we provide migration and support assistance with your VPS.

This plan includes:

$60/month hosting fee for VPS – includes VPS provider backup and restore option – You could host more than one system on this server for the same fee – preferred billing annually.

$100 initial migration/setup fee per web+Center system
$100 for major Version upgrades (ie V8 to V9, etc)

$150/hr consulting services available for customizations

Regular Web+Center licenses, additional tech licenses and support renewals cost still apply.


Please contact Internet Software Sciences sales at (650) 949-0942 /