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Web+Center Overview.

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What is Web+Center?

Web+Center is a suite of open source, web-based help desk and customer relationship management (CRM) applications that run onsite or in the cloud and support all browser-based devices, including PCs, Macs, smart phones and tablets. With access to 100% of the source code, organizations can create the ideal customized solution for their unique business needs for applications such as IT help desk, customer support, asset tracking and facilities management. Community colleges, hospitals, small businesses, non-profits and government organizations love Web+Center’s rich feature set and ease of use. A full version of the suite is free for up to 1 tech and does not time out, nor is it limited by the number of customers or cases.

Why select Web+Center for your help desk?

There are a lot of help desk vendors providing similar products today.  Few offer the breadth and flexibility that Web+Center does, like a complete service desk, crm, facilities management, customer portal, open-source, also offering on-premise enterprise editions and SaaS hosted by us. Web+Center is unique in that it offers a high return on investment by providing you with a solution that you can grow with while customizing it into a very efficient help desk for minimal cost.

A customer support web application that allows customers to self-register or uses Active Directory authentication methods to log in and create and update support tickets and check the status of their own support cases. Customers can access a product-specific help desk with options for FAQ, searching a knowledge base, remote control, text chat support and a resource reservation system.

A new mobile web app that allows customers to create, update support tickets and perform other customer self help functions including reviewing FAQ articles, and perform keyword knowledge base searches.

With the addition of Business+Center, a Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) system, Web+Center users can now easily integrate sales/ business processes with customer/end-user support requirements by sharing the same customer database and support management system. Business+Center features include customer and contact record logs, email distribution options to send emails to select customer/contact groups, reporting and pipeline account management. It also includes a invoicing and mini accounting system to perform business functions related to your support operations, time spent, expenses and project management capabilities.

The Reservation+Center is a web-based equipment/facilities reservation system. It is integrated with the Web+Center customer database and allows customers to log in and make their own equipment or facility reservations from an on-line graphic catalog. Administrators can track and manage reservation requests and graphically view reservations. Starting with Version 6, Reservation+Center is now included in the Web+Center download.

A full screen, very comprehensive yet easy-to-use support staff web application to effectively create, log and manage support cases entered by customers or by other support staff members. Functions include extensive case search capabilities, case routing and dispatching options, reporting, project management, asset tracking and much more.


Tech+Mobile  is a smartphone and tablet based interface for technicians to create, track and manage support tickets. The Tech+Mobile application software provides a subset of the functionality from full screen Tech+Center application but has all of the functions that technicians would require to track and manage support tickets, assets and review customer and case records.   Tech+Mobile  uses the smart phone and tablet user interface elements and design standards. It includes phone integrated functions of geolocation, TXT and direct phone calls from simple clicks within the application. This enables techs to access their help desk tracking database right from their smart phone devices.