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Reservation+Center. Make media, facilities, equipment reservations from a graphical catalog.

Reservation+Center is a web-based reservation system. It is integrated with the Web+Center customer database and allows customers to log in and make their own media/equipment/facilities reservations from an on-line graphical catalog of equipment.

Reservation+Center administrators can create and manage media/equipment types and inventory, view and chart reservations, and make printable delivery schedules.

Reservation+Center Features Include:

  • Create Reservations – Customers can submit and confirm their own reservation requests by reviewing a picture catalog of resources and then reserving equipment for a day or multiple days.
  • Reservation System Administrators can enable an approval process to allow or deny reservation requests.
  • A public bulletin board allows the public to view existing reservations and reservation requests in order to reduce scheduling calls and allow organizations to better make requests for resources.
  • Automatic email notifications are sent out when reservation requests are made and approved.
  • Database of Media Types and Inventory – Reservation+Center administrators can create a database of media “types” such as DVD players or sound systems and then enter actual inventory details with tag and tracking numbers from which reservation requests can be reserved.
  • View Reservations – Customers can view their own reservations
  • View Reservation Chart – Web+Center Administrators can view a graphical chart of reservations by equipment and date.
  • Flexible – The Reservation+Center application can be easily adapted for other types of equipment or facilities. The same application could easily be used for:
    • Rooms, fields or other facilities
    • Equipment, machinery
    • Resources

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