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Hospitality. Open source web-based help desk software for hotels and conference centers

In addition to managing IT help desk operations, hotels are using Web+Center for facilities work orders and housekeeping requests.

In addition to managing IT help desk operations, hotels are using Web+Center for facilities work orders and housekeeping requests.

Web+Center is open source web-based help desk software for all facets of the hospitality industry including hotels, conference centers, and restaurants.

Web+Center was being originally utilized at many hospitality organizations for their IT support but some have expanded the scope of their help desk to include facilities management as well. Hotels, conference centers, and business-savvy travelers are increasingly becoming dependent upon business systems to handle reservations, phones, billing, multi-media requests and other constant changes. They are finding that a help desk system is crucial to adding structure and organization as well as efficient work order dispatching.

Some hotels have quickly made their Web+Center work order request system the central request/dispatch center for work order for facilties, housekeeping, and utilities as well as serving traditional IT requests.

Market Customizations and User Tips:

Web+Center can be initially installed as an IT support tool. Once it is installed and operational, it is easy to add additional users and groups to the system without needing additional complicated configurations. It is best to start small and work on developing your processes and procedures when implementing a Web+Center Help Desk in order to make the implementation successful.

Trying to support over 200 users, spread over 700 acres with only one technician has its own problems, response time to the areas of concerns being one of them. Prior to Web+Center, users looking for status updates had a frustrating time getting an answer between missed telephone calls and untimely emails. It was a drain on productivity for everyone. For years I have looked for a solution that allowed our users not only the ability to report problems and track the progress themselves, but to also access an evolving “knowledge base” in order to troubleshoot their own problems. 

With a limited budget I was beginning to believe that I was out of luck, then came Web+Center to the rescue. Rather than having to support yet another client/server application loaded on all desktops, Web+Center allows all users to login and report problems or submit work requests at any time. Having Web+Center on our intra- website has encouraged users to utilize all the other functions we have made available to them as well. The best part about this product is that it costs us nothing. Since we only have 1.5 technicians, the product is used free of charge. Web Center+ has not only changed the way I support our network, but has allowed me to spend my time on more valuable and productive projects and to preserve my free time for my wife and 9-month-old daughter.

Brian Goodyear, Systems Manager
Basin Harbor Club
Vergennes VT