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Small City Apps.

Web+Center is the perfect customizable ticketing software platform to create fairly simple applications for putting various city processes  on line including:

  • Building Permits
  • Water  Meters repairs and tracking
  • Grease Permits
  • Other simple, permitting processes.

Small Cities simply can not afford either the IT resource time or the expensive software costs that many larger city software packages available in the industry so they are left with basic paper and folder methods.

To help smaller cities and promote the sharing of City Services customized Web+Center applications, we will be providing direct download of the customizations code shared by other Web+Center for your use in your own city’s departments.

If you need to use the application for more than (2) technicians or managers, you can purchase additional tech licenses and overlay the code customizations on top of the base Web+Center 8.0 code or appropriate Web+Center version.

Hourly consulting services are available with the Internet Software Sciences consulting group to help you install and configure your Small City App if you need assistance or additional customizations.  Please visit the Internet Software Sciences consulting group page for more details.


Small City App #1 – Building Permit Manager

Description: This Web+Center custom application was created by

Jeff Cropper,
Information Technology
City of Russellville Kentucky

Contact info:

City of Russellville

168 South Main Street

Russellville, KY  42276

Office – 270-726-5024

This first app is for tracking and searching building permits for the Building & Zoning department.  The screen shots below describe the basic interface used by the building inspectors for using a Web+Center ticket to describe a building permit with all of the various issues and states of the permit process.  We currently have not customized the Customer+Center interface for this applications for the end permit users.


Figure #1  – Permit Ticket in Tech+Center


Figure #2 – Complete Tech+Center screen shot showing relabeled button panel
Figure # 3 – Permit Report Generator is Search engine scaled back


Figure #4 – Permit report which is a search engine result page

Installing your own version of Building Permit Manager
Code Customizations and seed database and Notes
This Web+Center Small City App customization is built upon a Web+Center 8.0 installation.  Here are the basic steps to getting your own Build Permit Manger.
NOTE: This permit manager is designed to be a  completely different Web+Center instance from your IT organization ticketing system so be careful not install this system  over your IT system.  It should install in totally separate physical directories and different application directories and different databases.
  1. First download and complete install and configure an out of the box Web+Center 8.0 installation with Access as the backend database
  2. Download the Building Manager Zip file and unzip the files over your Web+Center 8.0 installation.  There are only three directories in this zip file that replace files with customized Web+Center files in the techcenter, language, and databases.  The database directory only replaces the webcenter80.mdb file in the database directory.  A few design changes were made to the database and a few default records and case text labels are now predefined in this database.
  3. Required  IIS and ODBC changes:  ODBC: citypermitmanager_db   – Access ODBC points to the new webcenter80.mdb
  4. IIS – Create application directory called Language that points to the language directory.
  5. Accounts: It is configured with the initial (2) tech accounts with standard default login of css-1000/config initially.
  6. No Customer+Center or Customer+Mobile or Tech+Mobile changes have been made for this application.  Feel free to customize those interfaces for customers to enter changes to the inspections and permits and field inspectors making changes to permit info.
  7. This system was developed for a very small city of 7,000 residents with (1) City building inspector manager.  The inspectors names in the dropdown list are currently hard-coded in one file that must be modified to list your own site inspectors.  To do this customization, edit the module and around line 399 in the techcenter directory.

Download Versions: