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Tech+Center. Open source web-based help desk software

Tech+Center is a very comprehensive yet easy-to-use support staff web application to effectively create, log and manage support cases and trouble tickets entered by customers or by other support staff members. Functionality includes extensive case search capabilities, case routing and prioritizing, administration, support staff availability screen, completely integrated asset management and more.


  • Web-Based Interface – All major browsers supported
  • Customer Database – Create, update, delete and search customer records.
  • Support Staff Database – Create, update and delete support staff records.
  • Geo-location – Options to enable techs to record, update based on GPS or network based location services
  • Asset Management Database – Create, update, and delete assets, and log cases for particular equipment.
  • Case Record Database – Create, update, delete and search case records.
  • Multi-Criteria Case Search – Perform complex case record searches without a knowledge of SQL.
  • Grouping – Organize staff members into functional groups to help optimize and speed resolution.
  • Dispatcher Screens – Real-time information on tech staff availability.
  • Integrated Email – Automatic email notification to confirm the opening of new cases and any other events.
  • Timely Reports -The status of open cases is automatically refreshed on individual, group and dispatcher screens.
  • Security – User-Id/Password and other security features are included.
  • Configuration – All features and user choices are configurable with easy-to-use Web-based forms and menus.
  • Customer Surveys – A configurable web-based survey can be automatically sent when a case is closed.
  • Case Auto-escalation – Options to send notifications emails when cases are outside of your SLA’s
  • Calendar Scheduler – A complete group event calendar and scheduler is included.
  • Internationalization – Web+Center can be completely internationalized for use in any language.
  • File Download Options – Configurable file download options for customers and techs to download or share
  • SMS –  Options for real SMS messaging and notification options to techs and customers from application

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