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IT Support Companies.

Your IT support company needs Web+Center

Almost every person and organizations in the develop countries of the world use computers and networks to do their work.  The value of fully and efficiently computer and operations is crucial.  Supporting those computers and operations has become a task that most businesses must out source to IT support companies or develop their own internal IT support operations group.

If you are an IT support company and just getting started, Web+Center is the perfect software tool to handle your customer support ticketing requirements and your backend business functions too.

Unlike other help desk products, we offer a business component to integrate time spent billing, quotes and support invoices that is tightly integrated with help desk ticketing.   To make your customers happy, the Web+Center suite includes a customer account manager feature to let your customers view their transactions, invoices, quotes to reduce your time spent to handle you backend business operations.


Customer+Center Portal – Your customers entry point to support, and customer account management


Customer Friendly

Web+Center has  mobile applications to let your customers access their support tickets with their mobile devices as well as your technicians to support those help desk tickets.   Customers want to be able to do their support ticket submitting and updating out and about and not tied to their computers and Web+Center offers that solution.



Serious Help Desk

If you have very important clients with mission critical systems who IT outages have to be handled immediately and effectively, Web+Center has all of the notification options you need.  With extensive email and SMS text messaging notification options, advanced auto escalation configuration and important customer feedback and survey options, it’s ready for the most serious of IT support operations.  Our software is being used by Government organizations providing IT support for 911 phone operations centers.

Customizable, open-source

Probably the most important feature of the software is that it  is designed to be optimized for your business with customizations and configurations.  We provide your 100% of the source code with programmer guides and helpful support.  We also offer consulting services to get your business running effectively with our software.