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Partner Enrollment. Become an authorized Web+Center Reseller and integrator Programs

Internet Software Sciences Partner Programs Information

Internet Software Sciences offers three partner programs for resellers, integrators and 3rd Party Vendors. To obtain additional information about these partner programs, please contact us by calling (650) 949-0942 or email to Sales @ for more information.  We will email you an authorized reseller agreement document for you to review and sign.  There is NO cost to become an authorized reseller and your name and company information will be listed for free on our partner program listing page below.

These programs include:

Certified Web+Center Reseller Program

This program is for individuals or companies that are primarily interested in marketing and reselling Web+Center to new clients and companies not already identified by the Internet Software Sciences sales staff.

To be become an authorized Web+Center reseller, fill out and agree to all of the the conditions stated in the Internet Software Sciences reseller agreement. Certified resellers must also be able to install and demo the Web+Center software to users.

Resellers will be provided Web+Center marketing materials that can be edited with your Authorized Reseller contact information.

There is no cost to become an Authorized Web+Center reseller.

Certified Web+Center Systems Integrator Program

This program is for individuals, consultants, or companies that can offer marketing, and Web+Center integration consulting services to help install, configure, customize, manage, support and sell the Web+Center product for new companies and organizations. These Authorized Web+Center System Integrators will be listed on the Internet Software Sciences website for companies or organizations that are interested in a certified installer/integrator to help install, customize and evaluate the Web+Center product. These authorized Web+Center System Integrators must also be capable of creating customized versions of the product and must be proficient in ASP (Active Server Pages) programming and database designs.

There is no cost to become an Authorized Web+Center Integrator.

Web+Center 3rd Party Vendors

If your company develops a product that can be integrated with the Web+Center suite of Customer Support Products, we can help promote your product by testing and certifying the product. Once a product is certified, information about the product and links to your company site can be provided on our website.

Web+Center 3rd Party Vendors Partners will be provided technical support resources to help you develop your product and ensure compatibility with current and future releases of the product. Web+Center 3rd Party Vendor partners will also be sent early beta releases of products before customers can download the products. You do not have be a licensed user to become a Web+Center 3rd Party Vendor.

There is no cost to become a Web+Center 3rd Party Vendor.