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Web+Center as a purchasing request system.

Web+Center is a designed to be flexible ticketing, issue tracking system.  Another application that Web+Center is used for is to create an internal Purchasing Request ticketing system.


We recently worked with a company who had two Web+Center installations.  One system for their IT department ticketing help desk and another separate instance that served as a Purchasing Request system.








This system offered the following basic functionality:

Allowed staff to submit purchase requests for materials, good, services to purchasing department.  This was needed since their accounting system DID NOT have a web/customer facing component that allowed staff to request goods/services or allowed the staff to directly view previous orders.

Purchase requests become  more transparent as they are entered into a system that can be viewed by accounting and other managers potentially.



This user built their purchasing request system by taking the Web+Center out of the box, and simply making “text label” changes to the program labels files and other ASP files changing/replacing the words of “case” to “order”.  This modified system was originally created with Web+Center Version 5 back in 2007 and has been used for over 4,400 purchase requests in the past 7 years.  This client is in the process of upgrading to Web+Center Version 8.0 .