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Flexible and Open

Most organizations want to configure the systems that run the business, think Help Desk/Service Desk, CRM, Accounting systems, etc to work together for their own requirements and VERY few systems are specially designed for this. Web+Center is open source web based platform of 6 modules for help desk, service desk, CRM, customer portal, asset management, and mobile software that can be used “out-of-the-box” or easily customized to fit your unique organizational processes. Web+Center enables you to connect your organization allowing teams to work together. Sales helping Development with data in the CRM about prospects asking for certain things. Support helping Sales with the latest ticket information. All this at everyones finger tips, no more tapping your colleague on the shoulder and asking for a favor. Download our free white paper, The 90% Solution, to learn more.


Self-Hosted by you or Cloud Hosted by us

Web+Center is designed to run onsite on a server or in the cloud. Our cloud hosted versions have the choice of a private instance or a shared instance. All browser-based devices, including PCs, Macs, smart phones and tablets are supported. Try it now.


Robust and Time Tested

Since 1995, Web+Center is rock solid and industry tested with 1,000,000+ installations worldwide with many using Web+Center for 20+ years. Check out our user reviews on Software Review Site G2.   Web+Center offers mobile and tablet based interfaces for both customers and techs, with self-service, knowledge base, asset/facilities management, CRM, reservation system and more.


Free and Affordable Pricing

We offer a free version of our comprehensive software suite of 6 web applications for 1 tech.  Licenses starting at $25 per seat per month for an annual subscription.   Check out our very competitive pricing for on-premise or cloud hosted enterprise options of Web+Center Solutions.  We offer the best US based support and development engineers to provide you with optimal support and services.

Web+Center Applications

Web+Center is a suite of open source, web-based Help desk /Service Desk applications that run onsite or in the cloud. With access to 100% of the source code, free and affordable licensing, organizations can create the best customized help desk and ticketing solution for their unique business needs for applications such as IT help desk, customer support, asset tracking and facilities management. << >>