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Education. Open source help desk software for K-12, community colleges and universities

Web+Center is used globally in community colleges and universities to help staff manage their help desk, track assets and manage facilities repair requests.

Web+Center is open source help desk software for K-12, community colleges and universities.  Educational institutions around the world use Web+Center to support their IT operations, PC repair and multi-media centers.

Operational information systems, networks, and Personal Computers are critical to the daily operations of teaching and supporting students. The need for IT support organizations to organize, dispatch, and document support requirements is becoming increasingly important for their own effectiveness and getting funding for their own department.

Higher Education

A special module was created for colleges and organizations to allow an import of existing NT users from an LDAP directory into the Web+Center customer database. The import tool (ImportLDAP.asp and DoImportLDAP.asp) are modules that can be customized to help import your exsting NT users into the Web+Center database. Some states will fund college IT support programs based on documented asset inventory. Web+Center also features a complete Asset Management component that allow assets to be recorded into an asset inventory database that can be tied to the support cases.

College of San Mateo


SMCCD originally purchased the Help desk in 2000 and still continues to use it today (2014)


I spent months researching software, calling companies and testing demos. Functionality of the product was our main concern. One of my co-workers had attended a conference and suggested Web+Center as a possible solution. I downloaded the free version and it was an instant hit with our technicians. Not only did the product do everything we needed, it did things we hadn’t even thought of, such as knowing when a technician is online and available or importing our LDAP exchange directory. I still had large companies calling me with their 100,000 dollar products asking how I liked their demo. It was a little hard to tell them that I found a product competitive to theirs at 10% of the price.

January 12, 2000

Jasmine Witham
SMCCCD – Director of Web Services
College of San Mateo
San Mateo, CA USA

Web+Center is also used by K-12 school districts for IT help desk, asset tracking and facilities repair requests.

Web+Center is also used by K-12 school districts for IT help desk, asset tracking and facilities repair requests.


Web+Center is being utilized at many K-12 Education IT support organizations to support their IT operation, PC repair and mulit-media centers. K-12 users vary in size from single school deployments to large centralized entire-district-based support operations.

East Alton School District 13

We use Web+Center as a help desk application for the teachers and staff in our district. We have 4 schools that staff 150 employees and approximately 350 computers throughout these locations. We ask that our staff submit their technical problems through the Web portal. We only have two tech. guys, and trying to keep track of all the problems was not an easy task. Web + Center has changed that however. This is a great tool for school admins. Its easy to add to your school webpage and allows you and others easy access. Not to mention it does all the paperwork for you. This is a great organizational tool and comes highly recommenced.

Will Ross
Assistant Technology Coordinator/Webmaster
East Alton School District 13
East Alton, IL USA

Upper Canada District School Board

The Upper Canada District School Board is one of the largest public school boards in Ontario. We have 107 elementary and secondary schools, serving 40,000 students and employ just under 4,000 staff.  Each regional supervisor distributes work using Tech+Center. The web interface allows my techs to add their own calls on site, thus eliminating the need for phone calls or emails. The product itself is very useful for reference as well, why “re-create the wheel” once a solution is found for a particular problem all my techs know the solution! Thus saving time and energy. Overall Tech+Center has proven to be a valuable management tool and a great resource for my techs.

Darrell Halladay
Supervisor Technical Support Western Region
Upper Canada District School Board

Worcester Vocational High School

Web+Center is used for technical training of students in the Cisco Networking Academy as well as support to the school. One of the competencies of the training academy is diagnosing and troubleshooting. Customers love Web+Center based on our customer satisfaction survey and the students learn critical skills of customer service management by being able to choose and prioritize cases and work on different IT problems. Web+Center’s simple call tracking solution is helping students to build independence and self confidence.

Frank Mann, Teacher
Worcester Vocational High School