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Customer+Center. A customer self-service portal for logging support cases and finding solutions.

Customer+Center is a web based customer support application that allows customers to register themselves and log, update and check the status their own support cases. Customers can access a product-specific knowledge base that is created automatically as support cases are solved by support staff.  This customer application portal is one of 6 online web based application that included with the free 2 tech version or any licensed versions to create the best possible customer support experience.

Technical Specifications

  • Self Register – Customers self register with the support center, defining their own Username and password login for future site logins.
  • Submit support cases – Customers can submit, review or update support cases.
  • Asset Management – Customers can Search for assets from the Asset database and log support cases for particular assets for an internal Help desk configuration.
  • Help Database – Customers can search a help database for related problems or questions.
  • FREE Integrated Remote Control product using special licensed version of CrossLoop remote control.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Technicians can quickly build up a list of frequently asked questions by simply adding solved customer cases to the FAQ List, viewable by customers.
  • Integration with your existing site – Customer+Center is designed to be quickly and completely integrated with your existing website and navigational look and feel.
  • Recovery of Lost Usernames and Passwords – Allows customers to securely recover lost Usernames or passwords.
  • Automated email responses – Email notification is automatically sent when support cases are updated or resolved to aid in effective case tracking.
  • Integrated Customer Surveys – Provide the best possible customer service and support operation by getting continual feedback from your users/
  • Browser-Based customer portal – We have carefully chosen browser technologies that provide compatibility across all major browser and computer types from IE to Safari, to mobile and tablet devices.
  • Options to integrate this customer support portal into a word press site.  (Check out our home site to see how you can integrate it)

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