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Version Server.

The latest production versions of the individual Web+Center software  documentation, ASP and INC files can be found on-line on our version servers.

These versions server allow one to immediately download (FTP) the most recent production version of any particular ASP or include file with a particular release. This is helpful if you need to restore a particular file back to the current production version if you are doing customizations or if a file has been updated, you can obtain the latest version.  You can easily compare the dates of your installation files with the dates and color coding date scheme on the version pages and check for any updates.

Click on the appropriate link below to obtain the version server for your particular web+center release.

NOTE:  The MS  file date format can often vary slightly between OS versions with our file date and the date that might be stored on your file system.  If the file is the same size, and the time only varies by 1 minute or 1 hour, it is probably the same file.

Before you copy and replace any Web+Center module with the latest production version from our version servers, always make a backup of your current version in case you have made customizations and wish to integrate those changes into your version.  Documentation is now only available on-line on the support/documentation page.