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New HTML 5 User Interfaces coming for Web+Center Version 9.0.

Web+Center 9 to offer HTML 5 User Interface Upgrade

Internet Software Sciences is busy putting a User Interface upgrade into it’s Tech+Center and Business+Center components to support HTML 5, bootstrap and more modern style sheets into our next release 9.0 release of Web+Center.  We are currently offering  downloads for BETA testing of versions of 9.0 (non production uses only) or testing in our sandbox.  We are still on schedule for production release with upgrade options of this product in Q1 of 2017.

Test On-line:

Version 9.0 Business+Center screen shot

Tech+Center Version 9.0 screen capture

Bootstrap and HTML 5 programming options

The Tech+Center and Business+Center applications will now utilize HTML 5  and advanced CSS style techniques of Bootstrap.  Your customizations to the Web+Center help desk product can also incorporate over a dozen reusable components built to provide iconography, dropdowns, input groups, navigation, alerts and much more with Bootstrap.  We invite you to review the Boostrap Components
that can be incorporated into your future Web+Center customizations.  Version 9.0 will have example ASP code templates for those that wish to include this framework.

In our research, design and implementation for an HTML 5 set of tools and libraries, we have carefully selected the HTML framework that does NOT use Content Delivered Network (CDN) library resources.  Many of the HTML 5 environments available today link to libraries and CSS styles files that require them to always be fast, on-line and exist forever.  Check out our January 2016 newsletter article about the pros and cons of CDN.

Mobile Applications for Customer and Technician

The Tech+Mobile and the Customer+Mobile applications will continue to use the JqueryMobile web/mobile application development environment.  Web+Center is unique in that we provide to you the customer, 100% of the source code with comments and programmers guide to aid in your customizing of Web+Center.

Internet Software Sciences design approach to let you control your Help Desk Environment

Certainly the general trend in application environments today is migration into shared cloud systems where your help desk is mostly under the control of the company creating and managing the cloud application.  As the end user, you have limited control over the changes they implement over time.  At ISS we see the value in having total control over your application by having 100% of the source code that references files and libraries on your own servers.  Even our hosted cloud environment offer your own, unique instance of your applications.