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Version 9.0 Beta Testing – Online and downloads.

Web+Center 9.0 Production

January 2017 –

We invite you to review Web+Center version 9.0 on our Try-it test page or download it and install or upgrade to this latest version!



Web+Center Version 9.0 Beta (On-line testing and Downloads)

Update: 10/17/16

Version 9.0 beta  just finished a major HTML 5 bootstrap UI upgrade.  This is now available on-line for testing or you can download and test the new UI interface on your own servers.


Version 9.0 HTML 5/bootstrap upgrade

On-line Testing:

This version 9 Beta is available online for testing at:


The default tech account login is:  css-1000/config






Download and site installations

We are getting close to releasing Web+Center Version 9.0 Beta-2 for downloading and testing in your own environments.  We are looking for select Web+Center users to download and test our Version 9.0 Beta in on their own servers.  Since we this still a beta release, we do not allow users to use Web+Center for production purposes or upgrade their existing Web+Center production installations into Version 9.0 Beta.

Upgrade scripts to take V8 installations to V9 for test purposes will be available with the next beta release.

Version 9.0 Release Notes:

Version 9.0 is similar to V8 in its install but installs into new and separate physical default folders of:

C:\program files (x86)\Internet Software Sciences\Web+Center 9.0\techcenter\

C:\program files (x86)\Internet Software Sciences\Web+Center 9.0\customercenter\

Download Information:

You can download V9 Beta by downloading directly the install executable at:


Support and Feedback:

We encourage all V9 beta users to give us feedback with any issues or features of the new release on our support site.

Please enter a new support ticket on our support ticket website at:


Support Ticket