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Welcome to Internet Software Sciences Newsletter – #103  October 2013

At Internet Software Sciences, we are proud to announce a set of Web+Center user awards to some clients who have purchased and utilized our software for several years, some for as many as 10 years.     We hope you enjoy reading about the various Web+Center users and their interesting set of uses for the Web+Center application for their organizations. If you would like to contact any award winners for followup questions, please contact Internet Software Sciences and we will connect you with the award winner.

Congratulations to the winners and others who have submitted their entries for the Web+Center user contest.   We are planning another Web+Center user contest next year so keep creating those tickets and submit your entries next year!

Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences

(1) Most number of Web+Center tickets  –  JDRF

We are awarding JDRF for most number of tickets award.  They originally downloaded the product in June 2004.    They are now using the product with unlimited tech licenses and have created over 116,070 tickets to date and adding about 20,000 tickets per year.    Congratulations to Michael T. Mascial,  Director of Client Services at JDRF.

(2) Longest running Web+Center application – Chabot- Las Positas Community College District

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District in California originally purchased their Web+Center help desk in November 2001.  With over 19,300 tickets and 1948 customers in the database, they have continued to use the software for IT trouble tracking for about 12 years running.  Chabot-Los Positas was so confident about their help desk  selection that they purchased 5 years of support at once!  Congratulations to Katherine Tollefsen of Chabot – Los Positas.

(3) Web+Center Power User – Santa Barbara Community College

If there is one organization that continues to use our software in various serious, mission-critical IT-support applications throughout the campus, it would be Santa Barbara Community College.  SBCC has two distinct Web+Center systems installed — one for IT trouble ticketing and another for facilities management.      They have collaborated with us on new versions and features    Additionally, they have implemented a robust, Web+Center asset management system to track, manage and report on some 12,000 assets campus wide.   Congratulations to Jim Clark, IT Director for SBCC.

(4) Most Number of unique Web+Center installations for a single organization – Evansville ARC

Every time we talk to this client, they have installed and configured another Web+Center instance for yet another function within their organization.  Evansville ARC is a not-for-profit organization providing services to children and adults with disabilities in a variety of programs and locations in Vanderburgh County.

The Web+Center installations include:

IT support ticketing system – This was the original installation almost 9 years ago. They have logged over 30,000 IT support issues for the 750 users supported in the past 9 years.

Facilities work order and preventative maintenance – This installation is used for any staff to report facilities work orders and for facilities staff to setup recurring preventative maintenance items through the use of the repeat interval function.

Human Resources – The human resources database is mainly used for a requisitioning system for new employees. Managers/supervisors submit a requisition and HR begins the recruitment process, documenting each step through the ticket, until the position is filled.

Complaint tracking system – if a complaint is registered for any reason, the complaint is logged in the Web+Center database. The complaint is then automatically routed to the appropriate manager through the use of categories. The issue is researched and documented in the ticket, supporting documentation such as personal statements or emails are attached to the ticket through the use of the attach file to case function.

Each installation runs on SQL server and takes advantage of the LDAP connector for seamless user access. Additionally, each installation is secured through the use of a SSL certificate.

Congratulations to David Gilmour of Evansville Arc for creatively deploying so many Web+Center for a single organization.

(5) Most unique set of applications – TAFE, Queensland, Australia

There are Web+Center installations throughout the world including  TAFE in Queensland, Australia.  They even call our product Web+Centre!
TAFE Queensland is the largest provider of practical, relevant and quality training in Queensland. TAFE training meets the vocational and business needs of individuals, employers and the community.

This is one of our longer term users with their first installation configured in 2006.  This system is used for Change Request Management for their Central Administrative system.

They are also using a second, cloud hosted Web+Centre solution to record  issues with the online training system and to request new roles for a central administration system user and therefore request access to online training materials for that role.

Congratulations to Ross McCulloch | Manager, SAS Business Support Unit, Business Services

(6) Newest and most appreciative Cloud Hosted Client – Pop Technologies

Pop Technologies, came to us recently and wanted  a turn-key, cloud hosted IT help desk solution.  Robert Cohen, President of Pop Technologies is a very appreciative Web+Center user and we wanted to show that customer appreciation with an Web+Center user award!  Congratulation Robert Cohen, President, Pop Technologies.

(7) Most unique Web+Center environment & innovative product contributor! – Alaska Marine Highway System

Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) has been using the product since 2006 and increasing their licenses from an original 6 tech licenses to 13 licenses.  They have collaborated with Internet Software Sciences on various product enhancements that they use for asset tracking, project management, additional notifications in addition to the original IT trouble ticket tracking. 


The Alaska Marine Highway System has been operating year-round since 1963, with regularly scheduled passenger and vehicle service to 33 communities in Alaska, plus Bellingham, Washington, and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. There are currently eleven vessels in the AMHS fleet; additional ferries have been planned.  Congratulations to Russell Kearney,  IT Manager, AMHS

(8) Most departments with a single Web+Center installation – Texas Electric Cooperative

Texas Electric Cooperative has been using Web+Center since 2005 and originally purchased a 5 tech license. They now have a 19 tech license and use the Web+Center for various departments and processes including: IT Support – For tracking and managing IT support issues; Accounting – for tracking vendor payment; inventory and sales order issues; Human Resources – for tracking issues with benefits, time off requests, payroll and other HR type issues. Congratulations to David Painter of the Texas Electric Cooperative