Web+Center Mobile goes Production!

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The Web+Center Mobile beta testing period has completed, and we now offer Web+Center with the Customer+Mobile application as part of the standard installation.  There are now six Web+Center applications consisting of:

  • Tech+Center – Technician Portal for support management
  • Customer+Center – Customer portal for customer self help
  • Customer+Mobile – Mobile and tablet interface for customer self help
  • Business+Center – Sales CRM/ Contact Management/Business application
  • Reservation+Center – Resources and equipment reservation system
  • Pocket+Center – Technician interface for mobile devices

Customer+MobileThe Customer+Mobile application performs most of the same functions as the Customer+Center but is specially designed to fit on smart phones, mobile devices and tablets using jQueryMobile interface element designs that provide a native mobile device user experience with a web application.  Customers can choose between using the Customer+Center interface when accessing the Web+Center Help Desk with their full screen computer browsers or create or update support cases with their mobile devices.

When accessing support ticket notification messages, the Web+Center application will automatically route you to Customer+Mobile ticket page  if it detects you are viewing the notification email on a mobile device or direct you to the Customer+Center if it is detects a regular computer browser device.  Customers can  create, open, view or update cases on either the Customer+Center or the Customer+Mobile application portals.

How to integrate Customer+Mobile into your current Web+Center site

We have designed the Customer+Mobile application to be easily added to existing Web+Center Version 7.5 or 7.x installations with very minimal changes and no database upgrade requirements.  This component is included as part of a new Web+Center installation or available as a free upgrade for those 3 or more tech licenses  and a current support contract in place.  Please contact Internet Software Sciences directly to check your support and license status and obtain the Customer+Mobile upgrade code.   Check out our Pricing page and Purchase page for details on  Web+Center licensing and support if you wish to upgrade at this time.  Contact ISS directly at support@inet-sciences.com to get the upgrade zip that contains the new files for Customer+Mobile

Customer+Mobile Design and implementation details

The Customer+Mobile application code resides in a new physical directory called CustomerMobile which is located at the same directory level as techcenter, customercenter, businesscenter, etc.  It references the same ODBC DSN database connector called webcenter70_db that points to your backend Access or SQL*Server database.

This mobile application is referenced by your mobile web browser by creating an application or virtual directory under the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) called “customer70mobile”.

Testing on-line works  too!

If you want to test Customer+Mobile application on-line first, we have it hosted online on our website test sandbox:


Point your Smart phone or tablet to that URL and feel free to create new customer accounts and create tickets with the interface.
Follow those tickets and customer accounts you created with Customer+Mobile application  in the sandbox with our  comprehensive ticket tracking Tech+Center application  at:


We hope you are as excited as we are about this new addition to the Web+Center suite of Help Desk and customer support offerings.  The addition of this Customer+Mobile interface is completely compatible with your existing Web+Center installation, and will allow your technicians  to track and manage cases that have been created or updated by either the Customer+Mobile or the Customer+Center application.

More Mobile and Tablet Interfaces to come!
We are busy developing Web+Center version 8.0 which will include a Mobile Tech interface application to allow technicians to track and manage support tickets and perform certain reporting and asset functionality.  If you have any special requests for Tech+Mobile interface, please contact ISS with your design requirements so we can make you part of our design team.

Scott Vanderlip
-President – Internet Software Sciences