Web+Center Goes Mobile

Posted on January 30, 2013 by · Posted in Uncategorized

We have launched a major new development project to create a smartphone and tablet based interface for customers to create and update support tickets and perform other customer self help portal functions.  We are planning on providing the same basic functionality as the Customer+Center, but utilizing the smart phone and tablet user interface elements and design standards.

Collaborative User Development!

We are planning to develop this additional interface using continual feedback from existing Web+Center customers who are testing our new designs as we implement them.

We will be putting incremental levels of pages of the mobile and tablet interface for review and testing and plan to continually refine the application as it we develop it from feedback from users.  So pull out  your smartphone or tablet and start testing!

You will be able to monitor daily development changes of our “mobile” application at:


We want your feedback to help develop this application.  Please send all comments to support@inet-sciences.com.  If you wish to be on our development group email list for this new project, we can include you in an email  user group helping us collaboratively building this application.  We anticipate this web-based customer mobile interface will take about 2-3 months to complete.

Scott Vanderlip – President – Internet Software Sciences