2013 Web+Center New Technologies and Features Survey

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We are continuing to refine our business processes to better serve our customers, and this year we have migrated our monthly Internet Software Sciences Newsletter distribution to MailChimp as our Newsletter email vendor.  Please let us know if there are any issues concerning this change with any opt-in/opt choices or delivery issues.

To start out the New Year, we are sending out our annual Web+Center user survey to get a reading on our Help Desk Software and spot new trends and requirements that you find in your environment.  Please help us create a more valuable product for you and other Web+Center users by participating in a simple 5 minute survey.

To take the survey, simply click on the link below:

ISS 2013 Web+Center User Survey

Our overall product  features and designs have been  implemented from requests from users like you to satisfy their real world support requirements on a platform that is stable, easily maintainable and customizable, and reliable from one year to the next.  Completing this survey will help to shape our next release of Web+Center as well as refine existing functionality enabling you to continue to use Web+Center as your Help Desk product of choice for years to come.

If there are new critical requirements that are not currently served by our help desk offering, please contact ISS to see if they are already in the works or if could be implemented by the ISS consulting group specifically for your organization.