What makes Internet Software Sciences unique?

Posted on December 7, 2012 by · Posted in IT Help Desk

What makes Internet Software Sciences unique

Internet Software Sciences is somewhat unique in the Help Desk market in that our products and services designs and directions are customer driven and not directed by large corporate takeovers, mergers and acquisitions.   Over the past 10 years, there has been significant consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions of most of our competitors.  All too often, these changes leave the customers out high and dry with products that quickly become no longer support or upgrades that are not upgrades, but new products forced on to existing customers for reasons to benefit the company and not the product user.

We feel the customer knows their own customers the best and we create products and services that allow them to create that perfect support solution that continues to work for years without forced upgrades and constant changes that now exists in the industry.  From the very beginning, we have developed software architecture models that allow for customizations that focus more on extended life cycle of the support system and incredible return on investment rather than delivery of a software product or service that focuses on the initial sale of the product and not whether that product will still be functioning with support in 5 years.

ISS seasoned software engineers understand the difference between a well designed product that offers a customizable, maintainable,  scalable system using industry standard tools and technologies versus products who life has too many external dependencies on browser technologies, company directional changes or other current technologies that quickly become  obsoleted.  When designing our products, we are cautious when using new technologies to avoid issues for existing customers and also reducing issues with new clients.

We hope that you will find our product functionality complete, solid, stable and easy to understand and use and maintain, for several years to come.