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Web+Center Version 10 New Features and Design Direction Input Needed!.

Web+Center Version 10 New Features and Design Direction Input Needed!

We are already 1/2 way through the Version 9 –  (2) year cycle and we are now seeking input on new features and designs for Version 10 that we will be designing and implementing in the next 12 months for planned release in January 2019.

We already have several new features and changes we are developing for Version 10.  We are looking at refining some of the existing pages and functions, adding new login methods with SMS TXT integration, partnering with 3rd party vendors for comprehensive chat function and continuing to build out our mobile suite of applications for both customers and techs.  Full and automatic support for HTTPS and integrated geo location services for techs, customers and assets.   We will continue to build upon our HTML 5 and bootstrap interfaces that we launched in Version 9.0.

If you have a feature request or customization you want to see in Web+Center but don’t want to pay for your own private customization project for your organization, please submit your request as a general Web+Center Version 10 feature.

Web+Center is built from YOUR customer feedback!
Unlike most other help desk products available, Web+Center features and product direction has always been built from feature requests from our Web+Center user base.  At Internet Software Sciences, we continually review the product direction and determine our core set of users and evaluate their requirements from their requests.  At times the product centered around an centralized, internal  IT support model.  Recently, the core user type can move to an IT support company providing IT support services to various companies where billing, customer out reach and sales become important.  We also get several customers that use our product for external customer product support, sales, CRM applications, and even vertical hotel guest service models.    Even other organizations use the software primarily for the asset tracking component  or the reservation component and completely skip the case tracking features!

We always try to accommodate the widest set of users and provide options to disable features not required by your organization.   We are also interested in looking at new applications of the software outside the traditional IT and customer support applications.  Our comprehensive suite of applications, customizable code functionality, desktop and mobile interfaces and low pricing allow for quick deployment of a specialized function within your organization or potential resale to other customers.

Design requests and feedback can be provided by the following methods below.

(1) Submit a enhancement request on our support ticketing site at:

Simply create an account or create a ticket and select the category Web+Center 10.0 Enhancement Request.

(2) Email our sales/support group at with your enhancement requests.  Feel free to include any attachments or documents describing your request in detail.

(3) Contact our engineering staff directly to discuss your requirements by calling +1 (650) 949-0942 or toll free 1 – 888 – 949-0942 9 AM to 5 PM (California, USA PST Time)

The more detailed and exact the requirement, the better and easier it is for Internet Software Sciences to implement the feature correctly and quickly.    Always include your contact information in any request so our design engineers can get back to you with any questions or issues.