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Web+Center User – Harris Ranch.

Harris Ranch – Web+Center  user


Since 2003, the Web+Center suite of Help Desk applications has provided IT support ticketing systems for a variety of business operations within Harris Ranch.

These include their beef and cattle operations,  Ranch Inn and restaurant, food service, Harris Fresh produce, and Harris Farms horse division.




Harris Ranch Inn

Computers, connectivity and IT operational efficiency is key to making this diverse group of operations profitable.  The Web+Center help desk provides a effective way to track and manage, and dispatch IT support issues to it field of 9 technicians.


Harris Ranch Beef

  Richard Muldoon, IT manager for Harris Ranch fields IT support issues from a combination of Customer+Center ticket, phone requests and emails that are automatically converted to support tickets.


Harris Ranch IT staff Albert Solorio and Richard Muldoon



Richard Muldoon, IT manager for Harris Ranch says:

We have been happy with the Web+Center help desk for several years now.  We have upgraded when new versions are available and live phone support is responsive and effective during upgrades and when we want to explore new features within the application.  We have logged several thousands support tickets and it helps to provide a level of organization and prioritization that would not be possible without a ticketing system.

If you wish to contact Richard Muldoon directly, he can be reached at

For more information on Harris Ranch, please visit their Website.


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