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Web+Center – Your “GO TO” help desk for all scenarios.

Is Web+Center your GO TO help desk software?

Everyday we have customers who have used our products for 5,10 and even 17 years and  continue to download our software as one their first software installs in their new positions at new companies or organizations.

When you change jobs or positions you will often want to recreate the tool set and applications you used at the previous job that you found efficient and enabled you to be an organized, optimized manager or worker in the IT workspace.
For many, Web+Center is their  “GO TO” help desk software that is FREE for small groups, can be downloaded and installed and configured in a few hours and allows customizations to fit your own requirements for your new help desk/ticketing requirements.

We monitor the new Web+Center downloads of software to assist with installation support and often find a familiar name with a new email address and new company.  We often discover after talking to this long time user that one of the first pieces of software they have downloaded at their new positions is our Web+Center help desk software, deploying a familiar piece of software for their new position.

Even when Web+Center users have moved from IT to more customer support roles or moved up from IT technician to more IT staff management, they find Web+Center can play an important role in their new organizational processes.

Here are few reasons why Web+Center should be your GO TO help desk /ticketing system!

  • Free for 2 techs or less – Does not time out with evaluations
  • Flexible IT Help desk/Service Desk with integrated Sales/CRM business options
  • No banner ads to distract your IT operations integrated with the ticketing software
  • Solid year to year application operation with minimal problems and maintenance required
  • Friendly and expert support staff
  • Endless customization options with 100% of the source code provided and documented
  • Easy upgrade to more techs, and new versions
  • Affordable licensing for (2) techs for more
  • Special 30% educational discount available
  • Perfect for those who have “moonlighting” IT companies run out of your home supporting your friends, neighbors and other local companies.

We hope you too will consider making Web+Center your “GO TO” help desk software and consider downloading it when you find yourself in a new position or job transfer.  Or if you start your own home based IT services company, Web+Center is the perfect product to manage your support cases as well as the business, billing, invoicing side of IT service companies.