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Version 8.

Version 8.0 Update!

Web+Center Version 8.0 is now production available for immediate testing on our test site. It can be downloaded from our website by clicking on the Products/Download link.   Click on any of the application links below to test any of the (7) Web+Center version 8.0 applications.

Version 8.0 Web+Center suite of  applications

  1. Tech+Center

  2. Tech+Mobile

  3. Customer+Center

  4. Customer+Mobile

  5. Business+Center

  6. Reservation+Center

  7. Pocket+Center (To be phased out and replaced by Tech+Mobile)

What’s New in Version 8.0!

Version 8.0 is probably our biggest, new release,  EVER!  We are offering two, entirely new applications with this release that brings our Help Desk products into the mobile and smart phone arena while remaining completely compatible with your current Web+Center databases and the full browser screen products of Tech+Center and Customer+Center.


In addition to the new mobile (smart phone and tablet interfaces) for the customer and techs, we have also added new functionality to the Web+Center Help Desk, creating an even more robust, help desk application for those with serious help desk tracking and management requirements.   While we added more features, we also added more web-based options to turn off features easily too.  We want to continue to offer a “simple” help desk while also offering a “serious” help desk product, all from one product.  These options to disable and hide features allows features to be disable but easily re-activated at any time.


Here’s a short list of some of the new features available in Version 8.0

  • Tech+Mobile – A new web-based mobile application for technicians to track and manager support similar to the Tech+Center.
  • Customer+Mobile – A new web-based mobile application for customers to create, and update support tickets and perform other customer self service functions.
  • Account Manager – Allows your customers to view a summary of their information, cases, invoices
  • Text Messaging – Options to directly send TXT messages to customers or texts from Web+Center and TXT message case update notification messages
  • Expanded reports for Customer Surveys – New Reports providing average and detailed reports by tech and tech groups for date ranges
  • Options to disable components and hide from view components of Web+Center that are not being used for those wishing to use Web+Center in a simpler mode.
  • New advanced,  rules based, case auto-escalation options
  • New sales, CRM, and business related functions to handle the marketing, invoicing for your IT support business