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Using Web+Center as your hub for sales, support, operations and more.

Web+Center is much more than an IT ticketing system.

In the past 10+ years, Internet Software Sciences has grown with a large user base exceeding 100,000 downloaded installations worldwide.  To efficiently provide support and follow up on sales leads, consulting business projects and services, we have developed the business and support tools with Web+Center.  Many of these tools we have developed to assist us in both our support and business side of software business are now included in the Web+Center suite of 7 applications.

One of the original goals of the Web+Center product was to have a multi-purpose application (support and customer CRM) that shared a common customer/user database.

Here is a brief summary of the Web+Center applications we now employ for Internet Software Sciences internally to help inspire you to use Web+Center as your organizational and or company “hub”.

  • Web+Center software support – Ticketing, FAQ, knowledge base, integrated customer database

We use Web+Center for our own Web+Center software product support to our customers. It not only allows for efficient ticket tracking with full screen and mobile device options for both techs and customers, we also extensively use the FAQ and knowledge base features of the software with over 150 FAQ articles  from 3200 support tickets.  TXT messaging of tickets notifications to techs provide better response time.

  • Internet Software Sciences invoices – Annual support invoices, quotes, projects, other consulting projects

All sales (CRM, invoicing, annual support invoices, sales, quotes, leads, etc) is done with the Business+Center component of Web+Center.

  • Web+Center Sales, Account management

We decided to let the customer have more control and view access over their account information and created the Web+Center account manager features.  Customers can better self manage their software on-line reviewing license keys, expiration dates, invoices and version information.  This is all available in the standard 8.0 Web+Center component.

  • Web+Center CRM – Presales, customer notes

Having a complete notes history of our clients is crucial to providing more personalized support and continuity of the product within organizations that experience personnel changes but their Web+Center product remains in operation.

  • Web+Center Downloads database and tracking integrated with our software downloads webpage

Every Web+Center download from our website is carefully tracked into our Web+Center Business+Center application.  A simple small script integrates our download process with the Web+Center Sales CRM database and appends new downloads requests with previous customer downloads.

  • Web+Center hosted license key management

Web+Center software is now offered in a variety of offerings from one-time perpetual licenses to cloud hosted monthly services to in house month to month software license rentals.  Some of our hosted clients use our on-line license key management we have integrated into our Web+Center sales/CRM application that will disable Web+Center client logins if subscription is not renewed.

  • Consulting group projects, quotes

The Internet Software Sciences consulting group offers Web+Center customizations for our clients to move their application from offering the “90%” out of the box solution to 100% integrated processes.  We use Web+Center to quote, bid, track and bill for consulting projects with Web+Center.

  • Customer Summary Views

The Business+Center provides a single page customer “summary” view giving internal sales, support, engineering and other employees researching a user an overview of a user history with sales and support information all in one place.  For our Web+Center clients, that immediate sales and support history is vital to us understanding the value of a client and their history of using our product.

  • Direct 1 to 1  customer marketing campaigns

A variety of customer marketing and outreach tools is available in the Business+Center when viewing the customer contact records and customer summary reports.  One of the options is to send a customized name email and also adding other personalized messages to users.

Other products we sell based on Web+Center
In addition to our standard, out of the box IT help desk ticketing Web+Center application,  we have developed and continue to resell and host a set of applications mostly for the medical community, all based on Web+Center as the original code base with some minimal customizations.  These products include:

  • PVS – Physician Verification System – Used to provide doctor verification and status for insurance company billing
  • CMETS – Continuing Medical Education Training System – Provides tools for doctors to manage their CME transcripts for re-licensing requirements.


As Internet Software Sciences has evolved, we have developed a suite of tools that not only serves our internal functions, but we have shared most of those technologies in our product offerings so you too can benefit from the synergy that comes with an integrated customer/sales/business/support solution.

We invite you to contact us if you have any new ideas on how to make your organization more efficient with your current Web+Center installation or maybe a totally new system to solve another logistical issue that requires a system with the “parts” Web+Center can provide with its customer, ticket tracking, and other components.