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Thanksgiving Neighborhood Sharing Apps with Web+Center.

Internet Software Sciences Newsletter  -November 2015

Tech-Talk from Internet Software Sciences President Scott Vanderlip

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on all of the abundant resources that we own or skills that we possess and how we can better share them with our friends, neighbors, and communities.

One of the Web+Center sharing projects we developed last year was the Neighborhood Share Network below.  This mobile app was built from the Web+Center platform by adding a few new database fields and customizations to the Web+Center customer mobile application.  Currently we have a version of this application hosted for you to use for free to get you started sharing with your friends.

Neighborhood Share Network

The Neighborhood Share Network app was able to be build quickly by leveraging Web+Center’s rich set of options including:

  • Web-Based smart phone /mobile interface application code (Customer+Mobile)
  • Customer User database registration tools
  • Email templates and sending features
  • Code to hide URL links
  • Example Web+Center code of 100,000+ lines of code to model /copy/paste
  • Existing code to handle mobile app logins, form submissions and updates
  • File attachment features and storage – Direct photos from phones into forms
  • Back-end  system management options with Tech+Center customizations
  • Web+Center open source ASP code architecture and transparent and documented database structures
We invite you to test this collaborative sharing application yourself.  We recommend that you first visit the supporting website at
And then once you understand the basic concept of neighborhood sharing and creating sharing networks using this tool, visit the mobile-based application at:


We welcome your feedback on this application and please contact us if you would like to have an early released version of this application.  We hope it will add a method by which you too can be sharing more of your resources to create a friendlier, less wasteful, community centered lifestyle on this Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break.


Scott Vanderlip
President Internet Software Sciences