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Purchase Request System built from Web+Center Ticketing Software.

Internet Software Sciences Newsletter #130 – February 2015

Tech-Talk from Internet Software Sciences President Scott Vanderlip

Purchasing Request System with Web+Center

The Web+Center ticketing system can be configured and customized for many tracking purposes and one of those includes creating  a Purchase Request System.  Everyday we connect with yet another Web+Center user who primarily use Web+Center for their IT trouble ticket system but have implemented a second system for another request/tracking application.  During an organization or company’s extended duration of using Web+Center for IT support,  a new request/ticketing requirement comes along and IT directors often recommend another Web+Center installation to handle this task.  Those IT directors and staff who initially install and configured their Web+Center are confident about using Web+Center for another application and confident in their ability to initially configure and manage this additional Help Desk / Request system.

This purchasing request system is an “out of the box” installation, and all they changed or customized was the labels definitions from replacing the word Case(s) to Order(s).  It has been highly successful over the past 7 years by being free (less than 3 techs); easy to  customize; and over 4,400 purchase requests processed. This system has been the bridge between employees making purchasing requests for manufacturing and business operations and their larger accounting and order /purchase order system. Their larger purchasing system does not a have web based front end for employees to easily make purchase requests so this simple system provided that bit of functionality to bridge employee purchase requests to the purchasing department. 

Ernie Chaisson, SR System Administrator for David Sutherland Inc, a designer furniture company, had installed previously Web+Center for their IT department and familiar with customizing the Web+Center when then requirement surfaced a few years back.   He says “

By making some simple customization to button labels and drop down menus to Internet software Science help desk. We made Internet software Science help desk ticket system into Internet software Science Purchasing.
 We now have a central location that users can send  Emails with attachments  or login to the Purchasing Center to order supplies.
This helped reduce the loss of E-mails send to an Individual and it also gave us a central location for communication and logging of orders being made by Employees."

Plant the seed of Web+Center to solve request/tracking projects

The success and implementation of this simple system can be credited to the collaboration of IT services and purchasing.  Web+Center basic issue tracking software can be used to solve many tracking, requesting, reserving equipment and extends beyond the basic IT issue tracking software that most use it for today.  Meeting with your other department employees to learn about their processes and requirements will probably find another use for another Web+Center instance.  Any process that requires people sending in a bunch of emails to request something that requires careful tracking and followup could probably be better handled by Web+Center.  Other departments may not be aware that another instance Web+Center (and often free) can be used to automate their processes so take your fellow other department heads to lunch!

The Web+Center ticket system flow, process and notifications, customer+center interfaces, all mapped well into the requirements for the purchase order request system without modifications.

Check it out!   We have hosted an on-line test version of purchasing request system show you can test and review yourself.  You can check out the example purchasing request system as a customer or a tech processing the purchase requests.

Build your own system!  Do you have a special ticketing/request/order requirement that you don’t want to invest a lot of money or a lot of time to build?  Give our support and design experts a call to discuss your projects or obtain more information on this request system.  Our consulting group will take on projects from simple to huge to automate your company or organization or launch your own internal customization projects.

Happy Ticketing,

Sincerely, Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences