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Integrating Web+Center into a WordPress Site.


Well over half of the top 1 million active websites today that use a content management system use
WordPress technologies. According to CMS Usage Statistics , 63% of the top 1 million CMS websites use WordPress as their content management system. Almost every company or organization typically requires some method of customer support for tracking and managing of support issues. We now offer an integrated Web+Center support/ticketing system for your WordPress site.

As part of the Internet Software Sciences website update process, we had to develop some new code to integrate our Web+Center trouble ticketing software into our new WordPress site. We have now rolled that engineering effort into our production release of Web+Center. This feature can be easily enabled by setting a particular flag in Web+Center and inserting specific IFRAME code into your WordPress site. Please refer to the updated Programmers Guide – Chapter 12 for more information on how to integrate the Customer+Center portal into your WordPress site. We are looking for users to provide feedback on this new and exciting option for our Web+Center product. The screen shots below show how we have integrated our own Web+Center customer support implementation with our new WordPress site.


Figure #1 – WordPress-Framed – Customer+Center Home

Figure #2 – WordPress-Framed – Customer+Center Open Cases view after logging into the Customer+Center

New Internet Software Sciences Launchs New Look-and-Feel

Internet Software Sciences recently revised the look-and-feel of the Tech+Center, Business+Center and Customer+Center applications. Based on the Web+Center design of configurable and customizable Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for each of the applications, we modified some of the basic styles for tables and colors and fonts without impacting the backend application code. There is information in the programmers guide on how to customize your own Web+Center CSS files in Chapter 13 of the Programmers Guidetitled “Use of Stylesheets and CSS” to fit your own requirements.

Please review the screen shots below to see the updated User Interface available with the latest release of Web+Center. If you wish to obtain a zip file with just the updated files, please contact ISS support via email at Upgrades will be available for licensed and supported customers.


New Tech+Center user interface

New Customer+Center user interface