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Help Desk Implementation Hump.

Appropriate technology to handle basic trouble ticket requests  is really a no brainer for those organizations who have enough IT expertise in house or out sourced IT resources to get a basic help desk system installed or hosted.   But for many companies and organizations, they get stuck in the Help Desk Implementation Hump!

The single most important catalyst to getting a help desk ticketing system launched is often tasking your IT resources to help evaluate, install and configure a simple help desk.   Here are some other recommendations to help  you get over your Help Desk Implementation Hump!

Recommendation #1:

Get your IT group (internal or outsource) to work with the whole company as a  team player rather than just a support function.

Almost every company and organization in the world now has some IT related group – internal or outsourced, for computer repair, Internet and network connectivity and the maintaining various email and web hosting services for their businesses.  In addition to day to day handling of technology fires and servicing of PC repair and basic infrastructure, they should also be tasked at evaluating and installing simple, affordable help desk applications like Web+Center.

Recommendation #2: 

Don’t Delay –  From a vendor perspective, I see many companies and organizations who seem to fear commitment to some technology enhancement to their processes and get stuck in continual (month to month to year to years) cycle of briefing looking at solutions but never really pulling the trigger on any new solution!

Make NOT implementing a help desk or ticketing solution NOW a big part of the justification to move ahead.  The risks and costs to implement a simple help desk like Web+Center is very small and potential rewards is huge.   Delay is the worst option.

Recommendation #3 – Scale and scope your ticketing system small to start for a successful launch and don’t seek approval!

Don’t seek approval for your Web+Center installation

This is certainly one of the biggest issues we have found with clients who get stuck in the Help Desk Implementation Hump.  A single group within an organization or company may have a simple requirement for some ticket tracking system to help solve internal or external service request type issues.  It is easy for a single group’s desire to install something like Web+Center spun into a new project that grows into a large system for  many departments and many new requirements that were not part of the original groups get combined and discussed for weeks, and months!   This ends up stalling the original group from getting their ticketing system install for months or years.   We have found many groups were successful in their Web+Center implementation by simply installing it and configuring it WITHOUT official permission.  We offer FREE 3 month full evaluation licenses for all those gorilla workers out there willing to just install without seeking full departmental or corporate approval processes.

As a vendor providing solutions that we know Web+Center will work wonderfully for clients, we find it sad and frustrating to talk to clients who for one reason or another get snagged in the implementation hump!     It’s also not a matter of the clients finding other solutions and implementing them.. most get stalled in implementing ANY help desk / ticketing system!

Hopefully these  recommendations will you get over your Help Desk Implementation Hump!

Feel free to contact us anytime with your questions, issues and new technology challenges and advice to clear that implementation hump!