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Getting personalized IT support with Web+Center.

Getting personalized IT support with Web+Center
Almost every interaction we perform daily involves some sort of relationship with a real human on the other side.  The Internet world of interfacing with apps and websites has forced many of our conversations to be in-personable and we (both techs and customers) tend to interact with less apathy and respect for the customer or tech we are interfacing with if we do not “see” the human the behind the conversation.

Just a simple photograph and short description of the “human” on the other end of the support ticket (both tech or customer) can greatly enhance your support effectiveness by adding back a bit of human touch to a process that can appear to be very mechanical.  This simple visual connection to a person can greatly improve the quality of the support process.

Future Web+Center Version 9 Personalized  Options:

  • To make your IT trouble ticket processing more personalized, we have provided an option to let both techs and customers upload a small photo of themselves that is embedded within the notification emails. In addition to the photo, customers and techs can also list basic information about themselves or expertise and another section about their interests or hobbies.  We have configured three personalized options:
  • (1)  No personalized features,
  • (2)  Tech personal info only or
  • (3) both Tech and Customer personal info.
These personal connections appear in the notification emails sent out to customers when an assigned tech updates the ticket or when the technician receives a notification email when the customer updates the ticket.

Figure #1  – Sample email notification to customer for case update by tech.

Test it out yourself!
Login into our Version 9.0 Beta sandbox for reviewing this feature and other features in development.   Log into Tech+Center application and create a customer account for yourself, create a ticket for yourself and assign it to one the techs and get an example of the personalized notification ticket.
We are updating the notification emails to be cleaner and simplified.

Version 9.0 Beta on-line sandbox:


Web+Center can help provide world class IT support ticket tracking by enabling this simple personal connection from your techs to your customers.   In today’s competitive environments where companies as well as internal support groups need to not only excel in technical expertise and competency, but they also need to provide a level of personal attention and connection.  Web+Center has several features from customer surveys to personalized notifications to leverage and improve your support processes, and user satisfaction.