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Ad Free Help Desk.

Paying for your help desk product with integrated vendor advertisements?

At Internet Software Sciences, we simply say NO THANKS to embedded ad in our ticketing software!

We invite you to read the article below and make your conclusions about the benefit and cost rational to selecting a “FREE” ticketing software in exchange for embedded advertising.  Both our  “FREE” 1 tech version and our licensed 2+ tech systems do not include any external ads.

Welcome to the world of apps with ads! 
You will not be able to wink without a carefully crafted and specially tailored ads sneaking in on some form of medium from your web browser, or now.. your set of software program and utilities you use to get your work done!

Every click of your mouse or refreshing of a page will bring a new, distracting advertisement to your eyes for you to pause and potentially, CLICK away for a whole another set of views or a purchase of something..

but wait.. wasn’t I working on supporting a user???

That summer vacation canoe trip to Vermont that you just researched over lunch now has redirected ads on every page of your help desk ticketing system.  With every page refresh comes new pictures of canoes and paddles, quiet kayak coves and fun loving paddlers waiting for you!  Let’s face it, you are distracted!

Sadly, with so many  “FREE” Internet services and products (email, maps, directory, searches, etc), many businesses now expect daily work software to be free too!  But complicated help desk software packages require multiple man years in developers time and require continual refinement and changes to technology.

At what point will consumers prefer the “free” software model and replace their basic productivity tools MS Word, and Excel or any product with free versions in exchange for continual advertising.  Unlike a billboard on a freeway we pass everyday that are fairly static, Internet connected, web based applications are perfect for ad distributions and can continually refresh and push new ads several times a minute even if we don’t get a new web page. For many Internet connected software packages, there is now a larger potential profit from selling your eyeballs instead of bankrolling your company from software purchases.

What does it cost?

Advertising in work applications costs the employer far more money in the long run than just paying for the application in the first place.  Time and productivity of a person is far more important than saving a 50** cents a day per tech to pay for a professional developed and supported application.  Let’s look at the  example of a tech at a $30 /hr salary,  If that tech is distracted by more than 30 seconds IN A FULL DAY (30 seconds = 50 cents cost to employer) by those application embedded ads,  an employer would be better off paying for the product or service rather than free apps with ads.

** Estimated cost of a tech / day for Web+Center – We did a quick calculation of how much it costs to provide Web+Center help desk ticketing software for 1 tech /day based on a 10 tech license with annual support and used for 5 years.
Here is the basic breakdown of costs:

  • License: 10 tech License – $5,000 / 10 techs/ 365 days x 5 years = 27 cents/day
  • Support: $1000/Year / 10 techs/365 days  = 27 cents/day

Total Per day cost for Web+Center 54 cents/day/tech

Select Web+Center for Ad Free Help Desk Ticketing software!