Acquire and License Web+Center technology platform for your next business venture!

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Buy, acquire, and license the Web+Center technology platform for your next business venture

Starting with Version 10.0, we are now offering new business models  for Web+Center users and developers.  ISS is looking for existing clients, developers and businesses who want to build, buy, license, and integrate the Web+Center platform into their applications.     Web+Center is a complete development platform where a business, startup, or organization can quickly develop a comprehensive Web and mobile application to fit a particular business or process requirement.   We now offer attractive options to buy and license this technology platform for your next project.

Reduce Time To Deploy your next big idea!
Time to market with a new application idea is critical and the Web+Center technology platform is a perfect, configurable, tested, reliable technology platform ready to customized for your business venture.  It would take several man years of coding to create the wealth of tested code, communication interfaces for emails and SMS notifications, and database designs, and current mobile interfaces and HTML 5 bootstrap responsive base code available with the Web+Center technology platform.

Just to show how quickly and easily a complete Web+Center  “system” product redesign can happen for a similar set of Request/Ticketing type processes for the hospitality market, we invite you to look at just one of offered ” System Designs” called the “Hotel System” and the application Hotel Service Bell available at

The Hotel System uses the core Web+Center issue/tracking concepts, but remaps users types from IT technicians to Hotel “Associates” and Customers to “Guests” and adds new functionality specific to the hospitality industry.

All of the Web+Center components are available to build your next service application that you can resell with everything from extensive customer information and issue tracking to mobile apps and full screen browser Bootstrap HTML 5 interfaces.

Please contact Internet Software Sciences today if you have an interest to use our Web+Center technologies in your future or know of other companies that might be looking to acquire our flexible and configurable technologies.

Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences