GDPR for Web+Center and Internet Software Sciences accounts

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Web+Center and Internet Software Sciences

The  General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“) is a regulation of the European Union designed to enable individuals better to control their personal data.  The GDPR was ratified mid 2016.  It will come into force on 25th May 2018.

Internet Software Sciences has always sided on more privacy is better side.  Internet Software Sciences has published multiple articles on the abuses and capabilities including:

Reviewing and controlling your contact information for Internet Software Sciences

Long before the GDPR idea reached the shores of this country, we had implemented a customer account manager feature to let our customers (those downloading and installing Web+Center) view all of their customer information stored by to manage your Web+Center downloads, purchases and support tickets.

Here at Internet Software Sciences we use our own Web+Center software to both manage our contact /sales business CRM systems as well as our support systems so the features we describe here that help with GDPR compliance can be used for your Web+Center installations too.

Your Internet Software Sciences Account Information

When you download or purchase a Web+Center system or perform some other support entry, we create a customer record for you with basic contact information (name, email, phone, etc) .  We additionally create records for a support case if a support ticket or an invoice if a purchase or quote has been made associated with that record.

You can view all of these records we have once you log into your customer account and select the Account Manager feature.

Sales, business transactions, and  contact record:

Click Here to Log into the ISS Customer Account Manager

If you haven’t set up a password yet, you will need to do a password reset first to access your account.  Once you log into the Customer+Center application, select the Account Manager , you will be able to see your contact information, license key (if 3 or more techs), your purchase dates and any support renewals, invoices, quote and other business transactions with Internet Software Sciences.

If you wish to delete any of your account information from our sales database, we are asking that you contact us at  If you do not have current business contracts with us, we can delete your record.   If you are a currently an active Web+Center user who we need to contact annually for support and upgrades, we will continue to require your contact information.

We never share or sell our customer lists of downloads of our software of your name or emails to other vendors.  Any Internet Software Sciences employee or contractor who does have access to our sales uses it only for specific purposes to serve you with your Web+Center support, maintenance and upgrades.   If you ever wish to opt of our newsletters like this, there is an opt out option at the bottom of every newsletter.

Web+Center support records and contact record

Another Web+Center instance system is used to record and track customer’s support tickets.  You may be listed list our contact sales database but not in our support database if you have never opened up an official support ticket with our staff.
We store a separate database of support contacts and tickets.

Click here to open Support Ticket System in new browser window

If you never created any support tickets with ISS, then you won’t have any records in our support database. If you haven’t set up a password yet, you will need to do a password reset first to access your account.  Once you log into the Customer+Center.  you can select the  Account Manager option.  This will show you contact information and any support ticket information with this account.

Offering these same solutions to your Web+Center clients

These features of the Account Manager are setup and configured under the Account Manager Setup option on the System Configuration Menu page in the Tech+Center.

For reviewing how to setup and configure the account manager for your Web+Center system, please review an earlier newsletter we created on this option :

Newsletter 105: 2013 Account Manager for Web+Center Help Desk – November 2013

Web+Center cookies use

All (6) of the Web+Center applications (tech+center, customer+center, customer+mobile, tech+mobile, etc) use “session” based cookies such that as soon as you log out or close your browser, the cookie is gone.    This cookie is used to authenticate users for every Web+Center page after they have logged into the appropriate application.