Web+Center makes the HIGHEST RATED list on G2 Crowd Sourcing Reviewing for Service Desk Software

Posted on January 8, 2018 by · Posted in Uncategorized

Once again, Web+Center out performs many competitors in the Help Desk/Service Desk Markets and Web+Center is listed #9 out of 20 for the HIGHEST RATED Service Desk software.

We invite you to review to the G2 Crowd Source reviews and Highest  Rating matrix  yourself to see our reviews from users as well as reviews from other competitors.

We also highly recommend the G2 Crowd site for reviews over other competing crowd review sites.  All of the reviews listed for Web+Center are  real and validated Web+Center users and Internet Software Sciences have confirmed each of them to be in our database as active users.   Other crowd review sites are sadly filled with totally false reviews of Web+Center that we did not promote but are only there to boost the total number of reviews of products for the crowd site overall.

If you review some of the important criteria that G2Crowd asks users about a software product it is Ease of Setup, quality of support and ease of administration.

(1)  Web+Center can be installed and configured in 1-2 hours (not days, or months) .  We often do a full install and setup configuration for a customer over the phone with a remote session to their environment and by the time we finish the call (a hour later) they are ready to take support tickets!

(2) We offer numerous support channels (phone, email, ticketing)  to provide excellent, high quality support to connect you with our friendly support and engineering staff to not only fix but suggest some enhancements to your issue.

(3) Ease of Admin – We have Web+Center users that call us up after using our free product for 4-8 years without a single upgrade or support issue, logging 10,000+ support cases and requiring very minimal administration to keep the product functioning and productive for the support organizations.