Web+Center customized for city building permit tracking

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Web+Center User Jeff Cropper from Russellvile KY  has submitted this Web+Center inspirational customization.  We have created a Small Cities App page on our website where will be sharing the code customizations from Jeff and other Web+Center developers to aid in efforts to help other small city IT operations that wish to implement similar municipality information ticket tracking systems.

Web+Center for City Building Permit tracking and grease control

Article by Jeff Cropper,
Information Technology
City of Russellville Kentucky

One of the reasons I really love the Web+Center software is because I can modify screens to fit almost any situation where we need to store and search data.  So far we have created two additional, custom Web+Center systems outside of our Web+Center IT system.

The first is a permit tracking and search system for our building permits for the Building & Zoning department.  The screen shots below describe the basic interface used by the building inspectors for using a Web+Center ticket to describe a building permit with all of the various issues and states of the permit process.  We currently have not customized the Customer+Center interface for this applications for the end permit users.


Figure #1  – Permit Ticket in Tech+Center


Figure #2 – Complete Tech+Center screen shot showing relabeled button panel

Figure # 3 – Permit Report Generator is Search engine scaled back


Figure #4 – Permit report which is a search engine result page

Grease Control Permit:

The second is a Grease Control Permit system used by our Wastewater
department.  This is currently under development.

IT department Ticketing:

Our IT department uses another customized Web+Center for all IT ticketing.

Water meter work order System:
There are also plans for a fourth installation where I am going
to try and modify the asset section of the software to track and generate work orders for all of the water meters we have in our Water department. We’re still in the planning stage for this project.

Each of the custom systems require fairly substantial Web+Center code modifications. We are working with Internet Software Sciences to distribute these City Applications Suite and make them available to you.  Information about this small city permit application is available on their website at:


Feel free to contact me directly if you have any other questions.

Jeff Cropper

Information Technology

City of Russellville

168 South Main Street

Russellville, KY  42276

Office – 270-726-5024

We welcome other Web+Center users who have customized the applications to submit articles about their interesting applications to us for sharing in newsletters and other on-line forums.    We are also promoting 3rd party integrators who wish to market and resell their vertical applications bundled with the Web+Center suite.  Please contact Internet Software Sciences for more information.

Happy Ticketing,

Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences