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Which user authentication methods do you use at your organization or company to authenticate users for the network and specific application?

Web+Center already support two methods:

  1. Our own Web+Center,  form based web login
  2. Windows Active Directory for our customer logins

We recently have received requests for two additional User Authentication methods that could be integrated with Web+Center to allow customers to authenticate and login into Web+Center.  Integration with these services would also require other functions to create and sync customer data between the authenticate services and the  Web+Center customer database.

The two authentication services that have been suggested are:

We need your feedback!
Please let us know what authentication system you are using or migrating to and if you would like to have Web+Center customers authenticate using a different authentication method besides Active Directory or Web+Center web form login.

  • Send us an email at Sales@inet-sciences.com  and list your organization/company name and what process you use now and what would be the preferred user authentication method for Web+Center in the future.

Google Authentication for small companies and schools
We recently were working with a smaller school district in California and this district was able to handle all of their staff and student authentications with the Google auth protocols and did not use or maintain any Active Directory domain controllers.    This has worked well for her school district since all of the  K-8 students are issued tablets and laptops and require an authentication process that can work for both their Google apps as well as internal applications.

At Internet Software Sciences, we are always listening to customers and developing new options that allow for more seamless operations of your help desk!  Additional User authentication options is just one of the new features we are reviewing for the next Web+Center 9.0 release.  Help us refine our Web+Center to better match your current and future IT operational requirements by contacting us by email or phone.  Feel free to contact us anytime with your questions, issues and new technology challenges!

Email: Sales@inet-sciences.com
Phone: (650) 949-0942


Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences