End of Life for 2003! – Time to Upgrade Web+Center and OS and check out VPS options

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Good Reasons to upgrade
It might be time to take the plunge and get your Web+Center  ticketing  system upgraded along with an OS server upgrade that is now overdue (According to Microsoft).  Please review the Microsoft 2003 Server EOL site  for complete details on 2003 migrations.

There are several reasons why this summer and fall might be the time to upgrade your Web+Center with a fresh approach that include:

  • Web+Center version 8.0 –  If you are running a previous Web+Center version, you are missing out on a suite of new mobile options for techs and customers that want to use their phone and tablets to track and manage tickets.
  • EOL – Microsoft has given us the hard stop with the July 14th date for our 2003 servers.  We all know the importance of automatic updates.
  • Affordable VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting – Many Web+Center users are facing conflicting requirements with their Web+Center help desk systems.  The conflict exists since the Web+Center application may have been initially installed on fire-walled internal corporate servers but new Web+Center mobile apps for smart phones and tablets coupled with expanded Internet accessibility now requires the application be hosted outside the firewall    Hosting the Web+Center application on an affordable VPS site outside of your network might be a FRESH and AFFORDABLE way to look at hosting Web+Center and open up mobile options.
  • Time to get organize!  There are many features in Web+Center that ofter under utilized.  It might be time to upgrade and start to use some of the features that really provide a world class level of support.  These might include:
  1. Asset tracking
  2. Customer Surveys
  3. Smart phone and tablet options for customers and techs
  4. TXT messaging
  5. Account management
  6. Escalations and better ticket tracking and management
  7. Check out the complete V8 users guide to find out what’s available in V8!

You can always do a quick on-line evaluation in our Web+Center demo Sandbox Try-it Site without a pesky sales person so get into the sandbox and explore!

Upgrading Web+Center to Version 8.0 with your previous version data requires that you purchase at least a 3 tech license key with annual support / and free data migrations scripts.  Please contact ISS for complete details.  You can purchase licenses and upgrades on the website directly.

We are always here to assist in your successful Web+Center migration through various support options.  As always, we greatly appreciate our customers and work to provide excellent service and solid year-to-year help desk software solutions that you truly depend upon to get your work done effectively.