FREE 1 Hour of training/customizations with renewed Web+Center support!

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Web+Center annual support renewals for 2015 include 1 Hour of free training, customizations or other consulting services.

2015 is almost here, and we will be sending out Web+Center support renewals for those renewals in January and February in the next few weeks.

This year we are offering an incentive for users to purchase annual support by offering a free 1 Hour services voucher for consulting/training services worth $150**.  While working with many clients in the past year, we are finding many clients simply are not using the Web+Center product to its fullest capacity with most clients using less than half of the features available with the product.  To help clients get more out of their Web+Center Help Desk software investment,  we are offering a 1 hour voucher to help improve support operations as well as increase the effectiveness of Web+Center.

** The free 1 hr Internet Software Sciences consulting/training voucher has no cash value, but must be used in training and consulting services and can not be used toward support renewals.

Internet Software Sciences is continuously developing and expanding our suite of support and collaborative applications.  We continue to increase functionality, reporting, and user interface options for the current full size browser screen applications of  Tech+Center and Customer+Center applications while expanding our mobile application suite of Tech+Mobile and Customer+Mobile.  All of these updates are being developed as an approach to preserve your investment in your current Web+Center customer and case databases with upgrade options that are reliable, predictable and do not modify your current production systems.

Start today utilizing more Web+Center features for your organization

Here is a short list of Web+Center features that are easy to configure and can easily increase the quality of your customer experiences and ticketing system flow.

  • Smart phone applications for both Customer and Tech (Version 8)
  • Customer Surveys
  • Asset Tracking and Management
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Knowledge base searches
  • Customer+Center Message Board
  • Tech+Center White Board
  • Attach file feature
  • Customer and Tech notification messages – configurable parts of the message
  • Web+Center calendar functions

Give us a call or email!
Additional help and recommendations for optimizing Web+Center for your organization

Simple functional and configuration questions will be happily answered by our support staff.  We always enjoy hearing from our users, so feel free to contact by phone or email.     We have a Web+Center consulting group that is ready to take your support organization to a new level by offering hourly training and consulting services to evaluate and customize your Web+Center system to more effectively fit your requirements. Many projects involve asset tracking, custom time spent billing,  reporting functions that could integrate with your current internal and external Internet presence and other business processes.

Internet Software Sciences Newsletters
For many years, we  have published newsletter articles about various ways to use the software or new features or releases, highlighting users from throughout the world that are using Web+Center in interesting and creative ways.    It would be  valuable to anybody involved in the Web+Center Help Desk setup to quickly review previous newsletter articles on our newsletter page on our website.

We hope you and your organizational staff will discover and implement options with Web+Center to make it an even more effective help desk product.  Feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions.


Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences