Web+Center For Authorized Product Resellers.

Posted on October 17, 2014 by · Posted in Web+Center

Web+Center For Authorized Product Resellers.


Web+Center’s straight forward ticketing system works well for Product Reseller companies.  In this scenario, the “customers” are users purchasing larger and more expensive technical products and services from authorized resellers.  The businesses making the purchases need an efficient way to create, submit, update tickets to the reseller.

The authorized product reseller companies need a way to track and manage those support requests while they interface with the companies that have built the products they are reselling.

Often times, the product is purchased with a support contract, and the contract’s first line of support may be the product reseller.  They also need to act as a buffer between the end user and the company creating the product.

Web+Center is excellent at documenting the entire support sequence of events during the support cycle by storing every date/Time/updated by user into the history journal.  Rather than a branching tree of emails in all directions, Web+Center consolidates all of the discussions into an accessible web page available today and in 10 years.    You can attach important documents and track return RMA numbers.


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