Your Web+Center License keys and account information is now ON TAP!

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Your Web+Center Account Information on Tap

Your Web+Center license key and your account information that we have stored for you as a customer of Internet Software Sciences  is now ON-TAP.  We just finished integrating our Web+Center Version 8.0 product with our internal sales and invoicing business systems and enabled the external Customer Account Manager so you can check the status of your Web+Center support renewals, license keys, expiration dates, assets and more.

We have implemented this feature for two reasons.  The first is to let you as a Internet Software Sciences customer review your contact information and business transactions (license purchases, support renewals, quotes, etc).  The second is to show you how this can be used for your IT customers with your Web+Center Version 8.0 installations.

Accessing Your Web+Center – Internet Software Sciences account information

Step 1: Connect to the Internet Software Sciences Customer Account Manager page

Step 2: Create a password to access your account securely by entering your email address and pressing the recover password button.

Step 3: Once you have created an account password, reenter your email and password in the Login box and log into the Customer+Center interface.  To view your account information, click on Account Manager or View My Assets links in the drop down list of options.

Step 4:  Clicking on the account manager will show your Web+Center invoices, license key, expiration dates, contact information and any assets. For this newsletter, we have created a sample asset that contains an attached PDF document representing a support agreement between ISS and the company we created for the example (called IT Computer Solutions).  As an IT support company or organization, you could use the asset management featureas a  way to store your customers assetsclients’ system account login information, or other vendor business contracts you have purchased.

Step 5: View assets details – The asset management component of Web+Center is designed to handle a variety of client resources.  For example, as an IT company, you may have purchased software or firewall licenses for your customers.  You can easily configure the Web+Center asset management component to store your contracts and purchased product documents so your customers can see them.

Clicking on the asset details links and then viewing the attached documents associated allows clients to see PDF documents like the license document shown below.  You can also view this customer account manager example on our website testing sandbox site and on the Customer+Center website demo.

On the website too!

We have added this customer facing account manager option to provide even better levels of support and communication.   Quality support requires building a relationship with your customers. We want you to be able to view important information concerning your product purchases and license agreements, support renewal dates and invoices created over the past several years.  You can also always find this customer account option from our website under Support / Customer Account Manager menu item..  Customer Account Manager.

We hope this new service provides you with valuable information as well as providing some ideas of what this sameWeb+Center  feature can do your for your IT company or organization.  Feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions.


Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences