Software Products/Services Company – Support Ticketing Systems – Web+Center Help Desk.

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Web+Center is a versatile Help Desk that can provide efficient ticketing and support operations to a variety of organizations and companies.

One of the most effective uses of the Web+Center Help Desk software is for software companies.  As being a software company ourselves (Internet Software Sciences), we needed an efficient ticket support and invoicing system for our clients ourselves, so we use our own Web+Center software for our complete operations including:

  • Software Support – Extensive support ticketing system with FAQ, knowledge bases
  • Billing/ invoices, quotes
  • Sales CRM, contact management
  • Downloads history and purchase history
  • Email Lists for newsletters

Without this on-line tool to manage our customers support issues and sales/marketing and purchasing requirements,  it would be nearly impossible to function as effective business.  I can not imagine a software company that creates, sells or consults software products or services that could function without a system like Web+Center.

The time required to download and install and completely configure the Web+Center help desk for an organization or company is only a few hours, and it can save hours of time every single day for many users (including your clients) once it is running.  It also makes your company and organization look more professional by offering a set of on-line customer friendly tools and services (FAQ, ticketing, account management, etc) and efficient tools for your employees to manage their daily sets of items to complete.

Check out our on-line demo and our website support services to see how it can be integrated with your operations.