Petition for Microsoft to continue XP support for the Planet

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I hate to harp on software companies since we are one ourselves, but the more I look around and research the forced XP upgrade and computer replacement topic, the more incensed I become about how short sided that decision is for everyone including Microsoft.

As some made conclude, Windows XP is just software and why not just upgrade!  Unfortunately that is not the case.  TheWindows XP OS is so interconnected to the hardware it came installed on,  the only real upgrade option is a new computer replacement.

I did research some XP to Windows 7.0  upgrade on the same piece of hardware, and the tools and methods used for this upgrade list several hours for experienced technicians.

So before our bank ATM head south, 500,000,000 XP get landfilled or shipped to developing countries creating toxic wastelands, why not create a petition to get MS to support XP for a few more years.  Good for us (the users, good for Microsoft, and good for the planet).

Check out the sign the Keep XP Supported Petition.


— Update – It appears there are many other petitions being created as well so we have created a page with links to several other related petition and posted this on our website.

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