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2014 Web+Center User Awards Nominations – 2 or more Web+Center installation for one organization.

Web+Center Annual User Awards Nominations

It’s time once again for Internet Software Sciences to thank and recognize  some of our wonderful, long time and supportive users with our Web+Center User awards.

This year rather than focusing on how long users have been using the software or how many tickets, we are focusing on how many independent Web+Center instances are being used at a single organization.  We connect with clients daily who have more than 1 Web+Center instance installed, providing ticketing systems for various departments well outside of IT support.

This year, we will be awarding up to 5 Web+Center users with a $25 Starbucks gift card and briefly list their organizations and their unique Web+Center applications in the future Web+Center user awards newsletter.

Often to our surprise, we discover an additional Web+Center help desk instance for a secondary ticketing applications including facilities management, purchase requesting system, separate vehicle and room reservations system,  HR key and room access systems, and the list goes on.

What appears to be prime mover in most of these additional Web+Center applications is the basic, healthy collaboration between IT Director/Staff and other departments.  A second system typically requires the IT to recommend, install and configure a second instance of Web+Center for this new purpose and to assist with this initial setup step.   Once installed and launched, minimal assistance is needed from IT.

2014 Nominations User Award Criteria:

  • Users must have 2 or more Web+Center system instances installed for a single organization/company.  For example, if you have a Web+Center IT help desk and another Web+Center ticketing system for facilities, you would qualify for this year’s user awards.  The more systems you have and the more diverse the ticketing applications all help to boost your entry in our selection process.
  • Your Web+Center systems do not have to be licensed with 3 or more techs.

To nominate your company for 2014 User awards, please email the following information to

  • Email Subject Line: Web+Center user awards
  • Your name and organization
  • A brief description of each of your Web+Center systems and how they are used.
  • Attach a logo of your organization or your company/organization URL so we can grab a logo image for the newsletter article

We look forward to hearing about your various applications of Web+Center big or small!

Happy Ticketing,

Sincerely, Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences