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Windows 2003 End Of Life on July 14th! – Time to Upgrade Your Web+Center?.

The Microsoft 2003 server is probably still the easiest Windows OS to manage and configure for Web+Center but Microsoft has commanded that thy shall all upgrade from Windows 2003 and related 2003 applications by July 14th, 2015, only a few short weeks away.  A quick visit to Microsoft 2003 Server EOL site will give you a countdown of days, hours, minutes and seconds to add to your IT stress levels!  Probably one of the most valuable set of tools provided on this Microsoft site is to better assess the dependencies that go along with 2003 upgrade.  Microsoft prefers to have you upgrade and purchase whole new suites of products so have your wallet wide opened as well!

Screen shot from the Microsoft 2003 End of Life Website page

We highly recommend you check out the Microsoft Windows 2003 End Of Life (EOL) site for complete details to

Web+Center Migrations and Upgrades from 2003
If you are upgrading your OS, it might be a good time to upgrade your Web+Center application to the latest Version 8.0 that includes smart phone and mobile apps that are seamlessly connected with the familiar Tech+Center and Customer+Center applications.

You can always do a quick on-line evaluation in our Web+Center demo Sandbox Try-it Site without a pesky sales person so get into the sandbox and explore!

You can easily move and migrate your exact Web+Center version on your 2003 server to your new Windows OS environment without any changes.  We recommend you review Newsletter 76 on migration steps for complete details.  You do not have to re-install Web+Center from the initial install exe but can simply copy and paste the Web+Center folder directories onto the new windows OS machine and re-configure the IIS virtual and application directories and reconfigure the ODBC connections.  You will also need to transfer the database (SQL or Access) too.

Upgrading Web+Center to Version 8.0 with your previous version data requires that you purchase at least a 3 tech license key with annual support / and free data migrations scripts.  Please contact ISS for complete details.  You can purchase licenses and upgrades on the website directly.

We are always here to assist in your successful Web+Center migration through various support options.  As always, we greatly appreciate our customers and work to provide excellent service and solid year-to-year help desk software solutions that you truly depend upon to get your work done effectively.


Scott Vanderlip
President, Internet Software Sciences