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Web+Center Version 9.0 BETA Sandbox testing.

isslogo300pixelsWeb+Center Version 9.0 BETA SANDBOX

Web+Center Version 9.0 has been in development for over a year now with many new features and more features to be implemented before its final production release.

Listed below are links to our V9 Beta sandbox so you can get in a play, test and provide feedback for our developers but it can not be used for production work.  Version 9.0 is not yet available for downloading and upgrading to your own systems.

Feel free to create your own customers, cases, invoices, companies realizing that your entries may be altered by another person playing the sandbox.  The email features will all work as well and attaching files, etc.

If you feel the system is somehow broken or you can no longer log into the system, please notify us and we will reset the database and logins and clean the sandbox back up for more testing.


Accounts: Please use the default tech account for configurator to access Tech+Center/Tech+Mobile/Business+Center

Tech ID: css-1000/config


Feedback:  We are looking for feedback on the changes.  You can submit feedback by sending emails to or by visiting our on-line support portal and submitting a ticket with the category for Web+Center version 9.0 or give us a call and we can discuss your feedback by phone. (650) 949-0942 – Los Altos, CA USA.


URLs for testing: – Tech Center  Tech+Mobile – Customer+Center – Customer+Mobile – Business+Center – Reservation+Center

New Features:


Case Expenses can now we included in invoices that are automatically created in the Business+Center.

To test this:

  • Create a case and add both some time spent and expense records in the case ticket
  • Login into the Business+Center and select invoices and select the Create and Manage Case Time and Expense Invoices link.
  • Select a date range like current month and records grouped by company
  • It will show both time spent and expenses and you can select which invoices you want to create and then create those invoices.
  • Review the newly created invoices.

Updated Notification Emails:

We have cleaned up and simplified the notification emails going to customers and techs.  We have kept the older templates in the language directory if you wish to use the old, more complete email format.


Personalized Notification Emails:

In version 9.0, both the techs and customers have the opportunity, (if enabled) to add a photo of themselves and 2 text boxes describing them selves and their interests, expertise.

For technicians, this could be a picture of yourself and then a title of position (Senior Network Repair Specialist) and under interests, you could list your qualifications,  certifications, education or you could be more personable and list your interest (running, hiking) or hobbies.

Customers have options to also post a picture and info and interests.  This is configured under More Configuration


Some new project search engines code has been added to the projects area.


In version 9.0, we have removed some of the previous database column restrictions that would make it more difficult to get an asset database imported.    If you are starting with a fresh database this will be helpful.  Some other smaller fixes and updates for asset tracking