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Web+Center systems to support remote employees and distance learners from Covid19 impacts.

The Coronavirus has overnight added a huge burden to the already overtaxed IT departments and IT staff for organizations.  For most schools, companies, organizations and even your local Yoga Studio to churches, converting your function you performed before (education, events,classes, work environments, etc) from in place function to remote takes a lot of training and equipment and systems (hardware, software, accounts,  and quality broadband) to have it operate efficiently.  Asking to change this overnight can be taxing for those attempting to support this new “remote” request forced upon us.

Everything is going “remote” including your Yoga class!

To make matters more challenging, the IT support group may now be asked to support a whole new group of users that were not typically supported by the IT support group in the past.    If you are a school and asked your students to go home and do everything remotely,  the IT department will now saddle some of the support issues from parents of students.   A school’s IT support help desk was primarily designed for the staff, and secondly possibly for the students.  Now you have the added user group of parents to support those new distance learners as they are forced to attend school remotely.

New separate Web+Center system for “Remote” user Support
To handle these new users (parents for example), a new, separate Web+Center installation can be quickly downloaded and installed to handle specifically the remote work / learning systems issues.  If your organization used the Windows Active Directory has your method of creating customer accounts and security models, you may have to create a new instance of Web+Center that allows for Web+Center customer security modeling instead of integrated Active Directory authentication.    You may want to separate the new “remote” support requests coming from parents, students, from the general internal staff IT support queues and have new devoted staff to solving remote user support issues.

Distance learning for schools that didn’t have it running yesterday requires supporting teachers in creating and delivering content to the systems which will be delivered to the students and parents.  Yet another new IT support requirement.  Getting webcams and microphones all properly connected can be a challenge for those that lack technology patience and knowledge.

New Web+Center Systems Options

  • Web+Center Free (2) tech license system that does not time out offers a free Help Desk you can get up and running today.
  • 3 Tech licensed systems start at $300 + $100 annual support

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Luckily for many of us, the existing broadband infrastructure to our homes supports a viable way to run much of our daily activities “remotely” including  the work remote, the livestream yoga class, town meetings to church services.  This switch to “remote living” requires a huge support operation that requires additional support resources and thoughtful decisions about how to handle these new users.  Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or ideas on how our Web+Center IT help desk can better support organizations that are challenged by new remote users.